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International Betting Guide

Many bettors who travel or move away temporarily from their country of residence refuse to give up their hobby, and we understand why. To avoid this, follow the steps in our pro guide to international betting, and you’ll be able to keep your habit intact!

International Betting: The Main Steps

Regardless of the country or platform you choose to bet on or type of gambler you are, there are a few standard steps you should never overlook:

Check the country’s regulations regarding online gambling

There’s no use in trying to bet internationally if you’re in a country that prohibits online gambling by law.

This can usually be learned by simply looking it up on the internet. However, keep the following distinction in mind to avoid any confusion:

  • For online gambling to be illegal, it must be specifically forbidden by the law. This basically means that the country regulates the activity. Examples of such countries are the United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, and Qatar.
  • If online gambling is illegal, it doesn’t always involve a full restriction. Some countries forbid this activity, but their laws include certain exceptions. For instance, Israel banned all forms of gambling besides sports betting and national lottery
  • If online gambling is not regulated, you can tell that you’re allowed to bet there by getting access to the bookie’s platform. However, this is the least safe option, as you don’t benefit from legal protection.

Verify the available payment options

Once you’re sure that you’re legally allowed to bet, it’s important to see whether your bookmaker provides safe payment methods or not.

A few of the methods you should look for are:

You should also check payment restrictions. For instance, UK bettors are not allowed to use credit cards.

Read about currency conversion terms on the bookmaker’s website

Currency conversions usually involve additional fees. These fees vary depending on the payment method you’re using and may also be influenced by the country you’re betting from.

However, there’s a way to avoid this: when researching betting platforms, choose one that also accepts your preferred currency.

While it’s true that bets can also be placed using conversions, there’s no reason to spend extra money if you have the option of only paying the standard price.

Your Options for International Betting: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re travelling abroad or you’re an ex-pat looking to bet internationally, your options are limited yet clear:

Find a bookmaker with wide international coverage

The simplest way to place bets outside your country of residence without much effort is to find a bookmaker with wide international coverage.

Here’s what you should check:

  • The operator’s licenses
  • Any relevant mentions at the bottom of the main page and within the T&Cs page
  • If you try to access the website using your current location and it works, chances are that you can bet legally from there

If their services abide by the regulations of both countries, you can rest assured that there will be no legal issues involved.

Even more, if you already have an account on their website, you won’t have to worry about creating a new one.

Don’t use a VPN or remote desktop app

Many websites recommend VPNs and remote desktop apps to bettors who want to use their favourite platforms abroad, even though they no longer have access to them.

If your bookmaker doesn’t operate in the country you’re currently in, simply find another reliable one. The reasons are simple:

  • Law-abiding bookies that have to meet strict standards usually specify within their T&Cs that using VPNs is forbidden
  • If you do it regardless, you risk having your account closed
  • Remote desktop apps make your data extremely vulnerable and lack any sort of security guarantee.

Use PayPal for Safe & Fast Payments World-Wide

Regardless of having all the instructions at hand, betting internationally is difficult when you try it for the first time.

Most bettors who do this usually choose operators that have PayPal among their available payment method options for the following reasons:

  • PayPal is extremely secure
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • If proven fraudulent or compromised, PayPal refunds your transactions
  • The processing fees are small
  • Bettors can have instant access to your funds
  • All your information is encrypted.

However, to benefit from everything listed above, bettors have to register on platforms that work directly with PayPal. This essentially means that it is listed as a payment method option within your account.


Legality is the most important aspect you should consider when placing international bets.

Once you take care of this, all that’s left is to find a reliable payment method such as PayPal that can ensure your data stays safe throughout the entire process.

By following these instructions, all bettors should be able to recognize the reliable bookmaker platforms they can use to place their bets.


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