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What type of gambler are you?

There’s a fine line between success and failure in gambling. If you’re up, the odds are ever in your favour; but if you lose, you might feel lost – which can lead to a serious addiction. So what type of gambler are you? There’s more than one answer to that question. You might be someone who enjoys gambling for entertainment value, relies on luck for most (if not all) of their wins, or commits themselves completely to game theory and statistics. Whatever type of gambler you are, know that your favourite pastime has a way of becoming the last thing on your mind when you start losing. To some of us, it can be quite shocking. There are certain things we should never let happen to us, and that’s certainly true of losing money in gambling. Although it’s very human to want to blame something or someone for our misfortune, the reality is that you have a responsibility to ensure that you don’t let this happen. 

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Successful gamblers know how to deal with their losses and keep their eyes on the prize. Knowing what goes on in the brain of gamblers who’ve just lost an amount they find significant is key to keeping them on track if they’ve undertaken a risk-taking course of action that they weren’t prepared for (such as betting high amounts at casinos).

There are many different types of gamblers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses which can be exploited if one is aware enough. Are you the risk taker who’s after a big win on a single day, or do you want to take longer odds and eventually cover your bets? There are several different types of bettor within gamblers that can be recognised and become used to their habits. Below is a list of some of the more common type of gambler.

The Investor: These are the ones who leaves a huge stack of chips behind when they leave a table. These gamblers are all about getting as much of their investment back as possible, so they prefer the sure things and will take the least amount of risk in order to do so. These gamblers usually utilize soft tables with players who don’t know how to control their bankrolls.

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The strategist: These are the ones who will always have a plan and never deviate from it. These gamblers are all about the long game and will stick to a plan of action that has been previously discussed. The differences between the investor and the strategist is that the strategist gambler will make moves in order to win more money, instead of just preserve what they have.

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The Risk Taker: These gamblers are all about taking risks on big payout’s but also carry huge losses. They prefer multiple tables and play a lot of hands each hour, usually at higher stakes than most.

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The Grinder: These gamblers are all about covering their losses with profits made elsewhere. They think of gambling as a business and as such will lay out a precise cash structure to get the most profits from their game. These gamblers tend to play in big rooms where they can make the most money because of higher limits, lower rakeback and more action.

The professor: They are good at analysing the game and coming up with the optimal strategy for any situation. They can make great money using very little capital by employing winning strategies but they are impossible to play against. They use a variety of tools like house edge calculators and Daily Soccer Predictions websites when making plays.

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The Good Timer: These gamblers are in it for the fun of it. They can enjoy gambling and don’t mind taking big losses here and there. They aren’t affected by losses at the table and don’t really care about them as long as they have a good time. This is the ideal group to be sitting at the table with. You’d see these types of people on talk shows and what not. They are more just enjoying the social aspect of gambling but still for the most part can still play well. They are looking to make a profit in every draw but don’t really care about it too much either.

The Bluffer: This is the type of person you see in gambling circles. They are always trying to find a way to win by cheating, finding a way to beat the system or some other sneaky trick that will boost their winning percentage. They try hard at finding ways to obtain an advantage over their opponents, either through good luck or just pure luck of the draw. This type of person is also seen in other areas of life, such as sports and such. It’s not uncommon at all for these people to be found in places like casinos playing blackjack.

The Lucky Player: These players seem to hit the jackpot at every level which can be quite annoying sometimes. They have some sort of fate when it comes to gambling, and it just so happens they win almost every time. This type of person is a blessing for those around them because they are usually more than willing to throw their winnings their way. A level of respect for the “lucky” player is usually given from those around him or her. However, this type of player can be seen as a bit suspicious as well as annoying to the other patrons in the casino.

The Egoist: These are gamblers that feel that they are better than everyone else because they are “experts”. They seem to think that the odds don’t work against them and everything is in their favor. They feel that they are the one to beat at the table and that if anyone can take their money, then they will be the first. They are usually skilled players and their self-confidence is usually quite high. However, it is this confidence that gets them into trouble; they tend to get cocky and then lose all of their winnings because of it. They are mostly found at the blackjack tables and usually play with a lot of cash because of it. Their high self-confidence has worked in their favor in the past but also at times turns against them.

A variant on this type is found with players who think that they will always beat any game due to some reason or another (perhaps an advanced deck handling technique). These players usually find an excuse for why they fail to win, such as the dealer having a “tell” (unconscious reaction to player’s cards; the dealer is literally unable or unwilling to hide it) and then quit when they realize that the dealer does not have one.

The Card Counter: These are another type of gambler that can be found at blackjack tables. They seem to always count cards and try to make sure that they go over twenty-one. They feel like their experience in card counting makes them better, but in reality that is not always the case. Like most other gamblers, they find ways to lower their odds of losing money at gambling tables.

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