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Why Crypto Gambling Is Popular

The crypto gambling niche expands increasingly, offering its players advanced experience and top security. In online casinos, users don’t need to leave their rooms to feel the thrill of placing bets or playing live table games.

With the rising cryptocurrency adoption, online gambling has blossomed thanks to non-fiat benefits. Here are the reasons why crypto gambling is so popular now.

1.  Fast Transactions

Crypto gambling has been a constant trend because crypto transactions are inherently fast. Cryptocurrencies were developed to bypass the need for intermediaries, which is why it can take only a few minutes to an hour to transact in crypto.

With online gambling marketing integrating cryptocurrency as a payment method, you stand to gain from being able to process your withdrawals in shorter times, unlike with the use of fiat currencies, where you can spend close to 7 days waiting for the bank or the betting company to approve your transactions.

Crypto gambling gives you more choice over handling your earnings and sorting immediate needs because transactions are extremely fast.

2.  Highly Secure and Safe

The underlying technology that operates cryptocurrency is blockchain. Blockchain technology is a highly encrypted network that is theoretically impossible to hack.

Crypto gambling inherits this advantage because every transaction is processed through blockchain – an trusted system. Traditional betting sites which accept debit cards and fiat transactions lack this security feature. Non-crypto gambling sites are also prone to human-made errors like cyber intrusion and may cause you to lose money.

3.  Less Fraud

There have been cases where gambling sites refuse to pay players their deserved earnings because of a network glitch or fraudulent reasons. Crypto betting was designed to check such scenarios because every transaction is automated.

If you are using a crypto gambling site, you can easily check your balance, and when you withdraw, your earnings are automatically released to your chosen wallet.

It is no secret that banks do not operate during out-of-work hours and on the weekends, but cryptocurrency offers a 24/7 service. When your payment from a traditional online betting site is delayed on Friday, you will have to wait until Monday to make an official complaint to your financial institution; crypto gambling frowns against this because transactions are automated.

4.  Better Odds and Low Transaction Fees

There is nothing more fun than witnessing the chance to win more as you bet on your favourite games. Crypto betting increases your potential earnings through the higher odds they serve users.

There is no reason to doubt why a crypto betting site should have better odds than betting sites that accept fiat currencies. The reasons are simple, as stated earlier, cryptocurrency is automated and has no middlemen. These inherent merits reduce operational costs for the crypto gambling sites enabling them to be able to increase their odds and still maintain profits.

The nature of crypto also means you can enjoy lower transaction fees in crypto gambling sites because some crypto transaction fees are as low as 0.22 USD, unlike credit or debit card transactions, where you can pay up to 2.5%  for every transaction.

5.  Cross-Border Payment

Crypto is not native to any region or country; you can access it anywhere as all you need is an internet connection. Crypto betting sites can allow people from anywhere worldwide to access their services with no constraints on Forex transactions.

6.   Decentralization and Privacy

The singular notion of decentralization made crypto attractive to users. The implication of decentralization is when you deposit Solana on a crypto betting website; your funds are sent from your wallet directly to the site’s wallet address. This interaction removes the need for the government or banks to monitor your activities because they are not involved.

Your privacy is even more secure because some crypto transactions are not directly linked to your personally identifiable information; it is completely anonymous.

Traditional online gambling sites almost always intrude on your privacy by requesting Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information where you are obligated to submit data like home address, family name, etc.

Crypto gambling sites like 1xBit keep your anonymous veil intact because there is no KYC, and you are given a wallet ID and a strong password for transactions. The crypto betting site 1xBit also has more benefits that you can enjoy.

Benefits of Gambling on 1xBit

1xBit is among the leading crypto gambling sites in the world. The process on the website is simple, from when you register to the withdrawal.

You can bet on any sports of your choice, from local games to international matches; they are all at your fingertips when you are on 1xBit. You also enjoy casino games like slots, live dealers and an immersive virtual reality experience.

There is also the availability of over 40 cryptocurrencies to choose from while surfing the crypto betting site. It gives you more convenience and sways over what you want.

Regarding registration, you only need an email address to register. As stated earlier, 1xBit does not require you to submit a KYC. Hence, your transactions will remain anonymous and your privacy secured.

All new members on 1xBit are eligible to get up to 7 BTC as a welcome bonus for the first four deposits.

Like crypto transactions, payouts on 1xBit are light-speed transactions with zero fees for every transaction you make.


Crypto gambling offers many opportunities for everyone interested because crypto sportsbooks like 1xBit routinely reward people through tournaments, bonuses and premium user experience.


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