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The Best Sports Games to Try in 2023

Sports are one of the leisure industry’s most popular commodities across various countries, with a number of sports fans often expressing their love for their game of preference as well as the numerous adaptions that have since been released via yearly gaming titles.

The gaming community has witnessed its fair share of advancements and overlapping developments during the common release of a number of titles that have since catapulted the industry into a surge of popularity.

Many individuals now often find themselves playing online or single player games during their free time with titles centred around themes such as fantasy, sci-fi, action, racing and other notable amenities, with gamers also being able to play slots on Virgin Games.

One such genre that continues to amass a widespread amount of intrigue from players across the gaming scene includes sports titles as these games have garnered a major sum of players from a variety of countries as well as the licensing for a number of the top sporting professions in the world.

When deciding on which sports games are the best to scour out during the calendar year of 2023, fans are almost spoilt for choice as there has since been a plethora of distinguished titles that have since been released in stores to all sports fans and avid gamers alike.

These are some of the best sports games to try out in 2023 for any newcomers to the genre:

FIFA 23:
EA’s yearly rendition of the popular FIFA series has remained a staple in the gaming landscape since its earlier years of inception back in the 1990s, when football was reaching its sheer pinnacle of commercialism following the establishment of the English Premier League a few years prior.

There is a number of popular FIFA titles to select from that will certainly have fans of the series rolling back the years with complete nostalgia to the amazing soundtracks, navigating the charming menus and still reminiscing over the various ‘Over-Powered Beast’ players that would unite the FIFA community together with memorable encounters.

While the 2023 iteration of the series maybe lacking the sheer charm or overall critical acclaim of the prior year’s titles, there is still plenty to enjoy from EA’s latest release as FIFA 23 offers a number of modes that are sure to keep any avid football fan entertained for hours
on end.

Single player modes include kick-off and the improved player and manager career modes, with other multiplayer modes including the vastly popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode and Pro Clubs, all of whom are still packing with plenty of content as you aim to compete for the greatest honours that any virtual football can achieve.

Whether you’re simply enthralled with taking a lower league club to Champions League glory or goofing around with friends in the effort to reach the fabled Division One, there is still a bountiful amount of fun to be had with FIFA 23 thanks to its many licensed deals with the top footballing leagues and stars on the planet today.

NBA 2K23:
Much like the aforementioned FIFA series, 2K Sports’ licensed NBA 2K collection has plenty to offer basketball fans as this year’s iteration features a selection of exciting new inclusions, one of which is the new MyCareer customization which allows hardcore fans to recreate
player builds of current/classic NBA legends.
MyCareer and MyTeam have remained the focal point of NBA 2K’s most played modes, with the MyNBA mode also being a tremendous customization feature when devising your very own NBA league setup which could feature expansion teams raring to challenge for the championship title or legends of the game taking on current rosters (which is perhaps the best way to end the ‘GOAT’ debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan).

The gameplay is still up to standard and features an improved graphical update to heighten the overall feel of playing a basketball game at both the NBA level and during the neighbourhood as you take on the very best that pick-up basketball has to offer.

Football Manager 23:
If you want to gain a greater expansion on the FIFA 23 manager career mode, then FM23 is the perfect choice for all football fans who want to showcase their eye for talent and their knowledge for the game itself.

You can either choose the options to manage a squad of experienced talents that are capable of mounting a title challenge nearly every season, or take the likes of Stockport County from the National League to the Premier League.

The series has built up an incredible reputation for its impressive scouting system as well as the tactics/statistics that can be implemented that gives this an even more realistic feel.
This game may rank amongst the most realistic and vastly beloved titles from the sporting genre, with many FM players often expressing themselves as the next Sir Alex Ferguson thanks to their endless repertoire of success on the small screen.


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