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Sports Betting: Answers to the 14 Most Common Questions

We are pleased to welcome you to the article that covers the most frequently asked questions asked about sports wagering in 2022. It’s always great to proceed into a new hobby with a decent knowledge portfolio, and we’re here to provide you with just that. Whether you are going to wager in land-based bookies, in the web space or using the best betting apps in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered.

  1. What is a bookmaker?

A bookie, short or slang for “bookmaker,” is a company or an individual that accepts and pays off bets on sporting and other non-sporting events at predetermined odds. Bookmaking can either be legal—when the government and regulators hold the company’s activity under strict control and provide an operator with a license, or unlawful—when services are offered without a license and with no guarantee. Based on the world’s 227 years of betting experience, it’s much safer and more profitable to deal with licensed companies.

  1. Is it legal to place sports bets on the Internet?

There are no restrictions on placing sports wagers online. It’s quite simple to check the legitimacy of an online wagering platform. Self-respecting bookmakers publish licenses on their websites. Knowing the digits of the license, you can double-check its authenticity on the website of the state regulator of the gambling industry in your country.

  1. Is it secure to place sports bets online?

Online wagering is a normal practice nowadays. Though it’s still crucial to pick a trustworthy and reputable bookmaker with an active license since it significantly lowers the chances of leaks, be it your personal data provided during registration or digits of your banking account. Before issuing a license, the regulators ensure that the wagering company meets all the requirements, including ones that make your online betting experience safe and sound.

  1. I’m new to sports betting. What should I do first?

Prior to placing any wagers, you need to learn the rules of the industry back-and-forth and study the reviews of various bookies. It implies knowing the sports, teams, athletes, odds, bet-markets, and additional services provided by the bookmaker, such as welcome bonus or accumulator boosts. Getting the basics right, your further action is to consider the platform that you will be wagering on. Upon reviews, we highly advise you to get through the T&Cs, because it’s always the place where the pitfalls are hidden. This includes numbers of payment options, wagering requirements, the bottom sum and the greatest sum for both pay-ins and pay-outs, and the fees for transactions. Once you have made your mind up, you shall proceed to registration.

  1. Can I have multiple betting accounts?

Bookmaking companies don’t permit having more than one account with them. But it is also worth noting that there is nothing criminal about having several accounts with different bookmakers. You are absolutely free to operate where it is beneficial for you at the current moment. The main principle in this approach is the competent distribution of resources and great experience to keep juggling without mistakes caused by focus dispersion.

  1. I’m almost 18. Can I bet on sports on the Internet?

No, you are not allowed to place any bets legally before you turn 18. Consider the use of the word “legally” as a key point here. Unscrupulous bookmakers simply ask you to confirm that you are over 18 by ticking the checkbox while signing up. You can think that you cheated the system when you got an account at the age of 17. In this scenario, the platform will gladly let you spend your money. Once you want to withdraw any amount, even a minor one, you’ll be kindly asked to provide your ID. And if your age isn’t confirmed, your account will be suspended and all funds will be forfeited. With that being said, it’s always better to prefer the bookmakers who verify your identity during the registration over the wagering platforms with one-click sign-up.

  1. Is it necessary to provide my ID upon making a withdrawal?

As we briefly mentioned above, yes, it’s the procedure stated in various world’s law books about sports wagering and gambling. There’s a system called “Know Your Customer” in Nigeria that obliges the company to have data about their users, such as names and surnames, age, address, contact number, and ID. Occasionally it’s enough to fill out the name and contact number when creating an account, but to enable the payout options you have to provide a full packet of required data.

  1. What documents are eligible for identity verification?

Accepted documents vary for each bookmaking company. Passports and ID cards are widely accepted around the globe. Contact the customer service team of the platform if you’d like to verify your identity with alternative paper, like a driving license.

  1. Is it safe to share my ID and personal data with a bookmaker?

Yes, you can be sure that your personal data is safe if you bet with a licensed bookmaking company. If you are trying your luck with an illegal organization, the safety of your data can be very questionable.

  1. What is a free bet?

A “free bet” is a commonly used term for a welcoming incentive that the company offers to all freshly arrived users. The welcome bonus can be expressed in the form of free bets when you are granted a fixed number of bets on a preselected game, usually picked by the platform, or in the form of a deposit bonus, when you receive, for instance, a doubled amount of cash on your balance up to a certain sum. Both forms have strict wagering requirements and can only be claimed once per client (per ID, and not per account).

  1. What is ROI?

ROI stands for “Return On Investment”, a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of a betting activity. This indicator allows you to track the correlation between the amounts that you bet and the amount that you receive upon withdrawal. It is usually utilized by experienced punters who like to keep their finger on the pulse.

  1. What should I know about various betting strategies?

You can employ a broad range of sports wagering strategies to manage the funds wisely and avoid being perpetually in the red. They were created by accomplished players many years ago. Undoubtedly, one of them will work best for your particular playstyle.

  1. What should I know about sports predictions?

Sports predictions are professional analytics that take into account all possible factors that can affect the result of the match. A high-quality prediction allows you to minimize the risks of losing and significantly increase the possibility of winning. The most trustworthy prediction usually highlights the following points: line-ups, head-to-head statistics, results of recent games, and other factors that one way or another affect the psychological or physical state of the team or an individual. Keep in mind that predictions are never the ultimate truth in the last instance. It’s only a personal opinion supported by a selection of objective facts. Make sure to read only approved and reputable sources.

  1. What are the best sources to get information about fixed matches?

Don’t even bother trying to get information about fixed matches, let alone buying one. A fixed match is a trap set by scammers for naive punters looking for easy money. Just think about it. Those who have such exclusive information do not need a betting boom that may possibly raise suspicions that the outcome of the particular match is unfair. Why on earth would anyone sell something that could help them win such an offensively large amount of cash? One last factor to think about, nobody will set up a fixed match in order to then sell information about it. If you are asked to pay for such a “service”, do not hesitate—you are talking to a charlatan who you will never see ever again after you give him the money.


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