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Can Any One Break Ronaldo and Messi’s Records?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are rightfully regarded as the best football players in the world. Only in their 30s, these powerhouses have achieved feats in the world of football that other players only dream of. Consequently, a running debate is whether another player will ever break their records. Let’s take a look at these players’ achievements and how safe they are.

  1. Messi: Most Goals in La Liga

With 474 goals in 520 appearances, Lionel Messi holds the record for the most goals in La Liga. Ronaldo has 311 goals in 292 appearances to his name, coming in at a distant second. The next current player on this list is Karim Benzema with a total 222 goals in 420 appearances so it is safe to say that Messi will continue to sit at the top of this chart for a while.

  1. Ronaldo: Winning All Team and Individual Honors with Two Clubs

Ronaldo has won the domestic Super Cup, World Club Championship, domestic cup, domestic league, Champions League, Golden Boot, World Player of the Year, and Ballon D’or with Real Madrid and Manchester United. Messi has only done so with Barcelona. Although Zinedine Zidane comes close, he has not won all the honors. It is nearly impossible for another player in the foreseeable future to win all individual and team honors with two clubs as Ronaldo has done.

  1. Messi: Most Goals in A Calendar Year

Messi is world famous for his scoring abilities. In 2012, the Argentine scorer found the net an astounding 91 times, breaking Gerd Muller’s 85-goal record and redefining goal scoring excellence. He also scored 73 goals playing for Barcelona during the 2011-12 season and 60 in the next season. With such extraordinary performances, it is difficult to see how another player will beat Messi’s record. You can, however, watch them try through season games on the soccer Betway portal.

  1. Ronaldo: Scoring 300 Goals in Just 286 La Liga Games

In his 286th La Liga game, Ronaldo became the fastest player to score 300 goals in a league when he scored his 300th goal. The star also holds the record for reaching the 100 and 200 goal marks faster than any other La Liga player. Statistically, his records mean that he scores at an astonishing 1.05 goals-per-game rate. Any player that wishes to break this record will have to score at the same rate for nearly 10 years so chances are this record is safe.

  1. Messi and Ronaldo: Most Hat-Tricks in La Liga

Scoring one goal is impressive enough so scoring three in a game – the mighty hat trick – is pretty much Hall of Fame material. But, these two players have not only scored hat tricks, they have done so regularly. Lionel Messi holds the record for the most hat tricks in La Liga history, with a total for 36. Ronaldo is a close second at 34 and the only current La Liga player who comes close is Luis Suarez with a distant 10 hat tricks. It seems like this record is also safe for now.

  1. Ronaldo: Scoring 50 Goals for 6 Consecutive Seasons in A Top League

Ronaldo set a mind blowing record when he scored 50 goals a season for 6 consecutive seasons in a top league. His counterpart, Messi, has only achieved this feat in 3 consecutive seasons. Scoring 50 goals a season is impressive enough let alone doing so in several successive seasons. As such, it seems virtually impossible that another player will ever touch this record.


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are undoubtedly the best football players to ever grace the sport. Between them, they have multiple records that very few current players even come close to reaching, let alone breaking. Only the future will determine whether anyone can break Ronaldo and Messi’s records. Meanwhile, keep up with these star’s games and get all your betting needs from Betway.


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