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5 slot games to calm your brain

If someone would have asked us in 2012 about slot games and their popularity online due to demand, we would’ve called them crazy. I mean slots are amazing but who would’ve thought that slot gaming will continue to remain relevant for such a long timeframe? Slot gaming is about playing games confined by a certain timeframe and a multiplayer or versus computer setup. Slot games on garuda have improved with time — thanks to streamlined graphics, interconnected gameplay and others, adding onto the experience. And, yes! When we talk about slots, we’ll discuss five games that will give you that much needed peace of mind, and give you that sweet dose of nostalgia, along!

Street Fighter 2 (ii)

First in the list, Street Fighter 2 is an old classic that has aged like fine wine among video game enthusiasts and slot game lovers. What makes a slot game enjoyable is the theme around which these games are made. This is where street fighter 2 slot mode kicks it out of the park, as it draws main elements from it’s video game classic counterpart. Based on the fight and arcade genre, this game is surely one of a kind!


The games that have helped the slot gaming industry resurge into a versatile and integral category have revolved around visuals, themes and graphics. Today’s games rely on quality design to tell a story or convey the quality. However, Starburst defies all odds and just focuses upon the simplicity alongside crisp and clear graphics too. Immensely popular among casino loyalists, Starburst is like a traditional casino game embedded with modern technology to deliver great results.


Almost everyone of us has played the legendary game, monopoly with our parents, family and friends. The classic game is about buying or conquering properties along the way to earn income and rent. The popularity of the game across ages ensures that one can’t simply go wrong with this classic game. Add to that the introduction of slot mode and the fusion has made monopoly slot games, one of the best games to calm one’s brain.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders’ fans reading this, it is time to assemble! Based on the popular show, the peaky blinders slot game combines the unpredictability of a slot module with the audio and visuals from the extremely popular television show. A combination of the pop culture, rich themes and high end visuals — Peaky Blinders is for everyone who loves to take their gaming experience to the next level. Many slot games in the market copy this formula but the Peaky Blinders slot does justice to it with great transitions.

House of Fun — Casino Slot

When we talk about games that can ease up your brain and help you relax, missing ‘House of Fun’ would be a crime. The classic casino slot game like triofus that puts traditional casino, roulettes and slots into a simulator is for those who don’t have time to head onto Vegas and Singapore to experience actual casinos. This game has a variety of mini gaming modules inbuilt, with some games that require quite a bit of strategy to succeed at. Try your luck!


Overall, these games are a treat for those looking to relax a bit and calm their brains down at the end of long and tiring days. With workloads and schedules getting exhausting, slot games provide that much needed escape from the pressure, as individuals definitely need something to stay positive, have fun and relax without hampering their schedules in the process. Afterall, the purpose of gamification is to help us escape our realities for the time being, something these games are good at!


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