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Why is football the best sport? Find out with W88 experts

Football has long been a sport that has attracted the attention of many people, along with an increasing number of people practicing this sport around the world. Let’s find out through the article from W88 online bookie some reasons why football is the best sport in the world.

Why are people crazy about football?

A new study has explained why most of us are so passionate about football. It is the increase of testosterone hormone in the body when watching football that is the cause of the whole world going crazy for the round ball.

From a neurological perspective, this attraction is explained in “The Secret Lives of Sport Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession”.

The book’s author – Eric Simons said, our bodies will have similar reactions to what we see. Simply put, when players play football, the hormone testosterone is released and causes arousal in athletes. 

Therefore, watching the players play also changes the amount of testosterone in us. Testosterone goes up when your favorite team wins and drops when it loses. It is this feeling that makes people “crazy” for the king sport – football.

On the other hand, expert Steven Almond after more than 40 years of studying the football sport has come to a conclusion in his book “Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto”.

According to him, football is a sport that allows people to interact and connect with each other when participating. People are always looking for a society where there is no evaluation of family background or religion. Football is a sport that allows us to experience that feeling.

Top reasons why football is the best sport

Fierce fighting matches

Any team that goes to the field wants to win and play with the most fiery spirit. The collision phase, the ball fight, the left shot has made the fierceness of football.

However, in football, the fierceness is not only about crashing into each other to compete for the ball, it is a combination of technique and physicality. Let’s see Leonel Messi or Ronando playing on W88, we will see the fierce but subtle in the ball.

Tactical variety

Football is not just about kicking the ball. Over time, football is growing, along with a strict demand from the audience, forcing football to change and develop.

That has forced professional football coaches to hone their coaching skills and transform each match; so that each football match is a different scenario that makes viewers on W88 online bookie not boring.

The element of surprise and the power of the collective

Another factor that makes football so popular is the collective spirit and element of surprise in football.

In the English Premier League, a lesser-known team can also knock down a big man who is at the top of the rankings full of star players with just a collective fighting spirit.

Or Vietnam, a team that is considered to be located in the lowlands of world football makes a miracle in Changzhou; when the U23 team overcame many more highly rated opponents and won the runner-up at the Asian U23 Championship.

The largest number of fans in the world

Perhaps this one reason alone is enough to make football the best sport in the world. Compared to other sports, the number of football fans is always overwhelming. Football is also the sport with the largest number of investors in the world. 

We, W88 bettors, can see that football is a sport with many major tournaments with extremely high investment capital. It can be mentioned as the World Cup tournament, along with other continents, regions, and countries with many other tournaments of a macro scale.

ConclusionAbove are the explanations of why football is the best sport in the world. With the above reasons, surely football fans on W88 online bookie from W88.bio must regularly follow this sport.


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