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Top Football Teams to Wage on in 2023

Now that we can do almost everything online, gaming fans can enjoy the fun and excitement of playing for real prizes without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. From playing slingo games at online casinos to wagering on a football match while you are watching it live, the options for wagering have become increasingly varied.

As one of the most popular games in the world with millions of spectators on every continent, football quite often makes mainstream headlines. Big wins can change the mood of a nation while local derbies make for exciting rivalry between towns. 

The wealth of information about the game means that fans can learn more than ever about their favourite players and teams, following leagues from all over the world. This makes wgaering on football even more exciting as fans can get the very latest updates and news delivered directly to their phone.

This has led to an increase in sports wagering, with more and more people leveraging their knowledge to win. With football fans the world over following each game, there are so many wages on offer and so much information available that it can help to narrow things down to the teams most likely to succeed this season:

Plymouth Argyle

When predicting which teams could yield the most profitable wagering outcomes, it’s important to consider their recent form. Plymouth Argyle has a history of being a 

‘safe wage, having performed consistently well over the last few years and earned fans and backers a reasonable return. 

While this doesn’t guarantee good results, past success is a good indicator of future success not to mention a sign that a team has developed a consistent strategy. Plymouth is just such a team and their recent groundbreaking form has shown the team to be strong, cohesive, and ready to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Despite being beset by back luck – an injured goalkeeper, losing a well-respected manager in Ryan Lowe, and they hadn’t won in four matches – the team buckled down and earned their promotion. With such incredible performances against all the odds, it’s hard to see how you could lose by backing this increasingly impressive team.


Not only did they romp home with the EFL Championship title after beating their local rivals Blackburn one-nil showing the grit and determination for which they are known. Manuel Benson scored his twelfth goal of the season, sending local fans into a frenzy as victory was all the sweeter for taking place at their rivals’ ground, Ewood Park.

This match had commentators buzzing as well, with a strong defence that was matched by Benson’s soaring kick that saw the ball land perfectly in the top corner. Fans will be hoping that the team can maintain their form as they join the Premier League, and many experts think they can continue their form as they enter the new season.


Anyone keeping an eye on the odds for the upcoming season will have noticed that the bookies seem to be backing the Magpies to continue their form through the coming season. Having been in the Premier League for most of its history and in the top flight for ninety-one seasons, consistently strong leadership and focus on skills is likely to lead to even more success for this popular team. 

With bookies backing the team to get to the finals, it’s only the current champions, two-time winners Manchester City, that could stand in their way if you believe the odds. With such a strong start to the season, long-time fans will be thrilled to see their favourite team triumph, and savvy gamers could leverage their current strong form into a cash win.

Tottenham Hotspur

Having spent the transfer window making headlines with a series of trades and some potentially exciting signings, Tottenham are hotly tipped to finish in the top four of the Premier League. New additions to the team include Yves Bissouma, Ivan Perisic, and Richarlison and fans are expecting them to contribute to another successful season for Spurs.

Tottenham were one of the few teams not to lose to champions Manchester City last season, and they will be hoping to knock them off the top spot this season by drawing on their recent success. The pairing of Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son could be the secret to success if they can both maintain their scoring records.

With so many strong performances, there are plenty of teams that could be contenders for any competition in the coming season. With players that have proved their abilities again and again and managers that have developed strong strategies, the coming season will be an exciting one for fans of football, whichever league they follow or which team they support.


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