Top 10 Best Free Soccer Prediction Sites: How To Choose The Best

Top 10 Best Free Soccer Prediction Sites: How To Choose The Best

Looking for the best free soccer prediction sites on the web? Read more.

In this article, you will see the top 10 best free soccer prediction sites and how to choose the best.

In the world of sports betting, there’s no guarantee. Bets are placed based on odds that have been forecasted based on each teams past performance and people’s confidence in betting for or against a team.

This gave birth to so many experts coming out to analyze and predict the results of soccer matches so people can make a more informed betting decision. The precision and accuracy of prediction differ according to the expert.

Here are the top 10 best free soccer prediction websites;

  2. PredictZ
  3. Betensured
  4. SoccerVista
  5. Tips180
  6. Forebet
  7. VictorsPredict
  8. ConfirmBets
  9. 1960Tips
  10. BetGenuine

Here are a few things about them before we go into how you can choose the best one.


This is the best soccer prediction site out there. They really do their job in analyzing all the data present, including even the weather and state of their clubs. They analyze all the factors and come up with the best soccer prediction for any match.

This is actually the best as data analysis gives a more reliable prediction than guesswork which is what many other sites do. You can get their mobile app for quick access to betting tips.


They are regarded by many as one of the best soccer prediction sites on the net. They cover all major football leagues but with more emphasis on the English premier league.

They give free predictions and their website gives a good user experience.


This is one of the biggest tipster websites out there. It’s also a great choice when it comes to getting well-analyze match statistics. They have 3 pricing plans to offer better value to their customers.


They can be said to be one of the oldest football prediction sites on the web. They’ve been around since 1999. They offer predictions for over 300 leagues and do so, free of charge.


Tips180 is a good tipster website that provides predictions for over 80 different leagues. They also have a novel system of categorizing their predictions for different markets.

You can become a better bettor by visiting them as they will teach you the things involved in making well-analyzed and informed betting decisions.


This is one of the best prediction websites online as they predict based on statistics provided by algorithms. They also provide betting tips for over 80 different leagues and it’s completely free with a mobile app.


They are self-proclaimed to be the best football prediction site on the web. They work well with beginners and experts alike. They give free tips, match analysis, and predictions.


They have a lot of experts and analysts with them all around the world. They make predictions and analytics so that the users on the platform will gain knowledge into the world of betting.


These guys make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and make predictions for matches.

In addition to making in-depth analyses on each team and teammates playing in a match, they give pointers and training to people who use their platform to make better betting decisions.


They are also proclaimed to be the best football prediction website out there. From people’s accounts, it’s said to give at least an 80% winning rate which is not bad and you also get a lot of free football tips to help you make better betting decisions.

Now that you know the top 10 free soccer prediction websites out there, here are a few criteria you can use to select the one you will stay on.

  • Free Tips:

The platform should be able to provide you with free betting tips and football analysis. Those analyses should be accurate as well, not just some shallow advice.

  • Payment Plans:

Many platforms offer payment plans to access their premium content. These payment plans should contain some bonuses as well.

  • User Interface:

This is a major factor as you are looking for a platform where you’ll spend time long term and you don’t want to be having a bad experience all through your stay. Look for websites with well-designed layouts and pleasing to the eye.

This will affect your concentration and what you are able to get from the platform.

  • Diversity:

It’s always good to use a website that offers you a multitude of services. This is especially true if you are going to be paying for their service so you don’t end up cheating yourself.

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