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The Best Betting Sponsors of Top Football Clubs

Over the years, we’ve seen a recent rise of betting companies as sponsors of major sports events. As they seek exposure to their target audiences, landing on sports was the right decision. Betting sponsors in football bring in financial support to the clubs, which they need in order to succeed. And there are many cases of successful partnerships that led to more events and more brand trust from the fans.

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Football betting sponsors are very influential and help shape the sports entertainment industry. Let’s dive deeper into what advantages and disadvantages these partnerships bring to football and which renowned clubs are sponsored by betting companies.

Pros and Cons of Betting Sponsors in Football

By investing in sports, football clubs betting sponsors gain a lot of long-term benefits. The advantages of such sponsorships are the following:

  • More revenues. Betting companies invest millions in football clubs, expecting to get exposed to the fans. Some companies sponsor clubs to get their logo on players’ uniforms, some do ads with players. All these tactics have proven to be effective in bringing in more revenues to the betting sites. 
  • Exposure to a global audience. Football matches are watched by millions of fans around the world, who are very passionate about the sport. They might be betting already using other sites, so it’s definitely a good way to introduce your brand to new audiences.
  • Win-win partnerships. From a commercial perspective, betting companies and football clubs create a win-win cooperation. Football clubs get solid financial support that would help them to further develop, while football team betting sponsors get the exposure that they seek.

Of course, football partnerships with betting sponsors not only bring advantages but there are also some cons that you should be aware of.

  • Ethical issues. We should take into consideration that these partnerships promote excessive sports betting and gambling, which may cause issues with the authorities. Gambling addiction is a serious problem in many countries and sports betting is among the factors that feed into this issue.
  • Bad influence on younger audiences. We know that football fans are of all ages, which puts gambling sponsorships in the eyes of younger fans. Minors exposed to betting sites may get into gambling habits that could potentially lead to major issues later in life.
  • Compliance with regulations. There are some government restrictions when it comes to gambling advertising. The companies should be aware of them and comply with government policies to avoid problems. 

The Best Betting Sponsors in Football 

Let’s cover the top 3 football team betting sponsors that are supporting the best teams in the sport.


Betway is a leading betting company that boasts numerous successful football sponsorships. Also, what makes it stand out is that they’ve previously collaborated with multiple teams at the same time. They currently sponsor the Brighton team and West Ham United as we can see their logo on players’ shirts. The company also has a partnership with Leicester. 


Bet365 is one of the biggest betting brands in the industry and a leader in online sports betting. The company has partnerships with multiple teams, including Leeds United, Newcastle United, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. 


Sportsbet is one of the early betting companies, established in 1993, however, it also recognized the potential in sports partnerships with football clubs. They sponsor some of the top football teams in the world, like Southampton and Arsenal. 

Top 3 Football Clubs With Betting Sponsors

Here are some of the world’s best teams that are supported by partnerships with the biggest betting sponsors football has had. 

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is considered one of the best and strongest football clubs in all of Europe. The club has won many Champions Leagues and other international as well as local cups. Even though, the Spanish Football Federation went against partnerships with casinos, several betting companies took advantage of the partnerships with Real Madrid. 

Manchester City

Next is Manchester City, which is another top football club in Europe. The club had one of the big sports betting companies, 8XBet, as their official partner is next on the list. This partnership lasted for several years and the fans of the club had access to exclusive promotions, offers, and rewards.


Everton has been backed by a major betting firm Stake.com since its founding in 2017 and the partnership is going strong. As one of the leading crypto casinos, Stake.com offered Everton a multi-year partnership deal, which the club signed in June 2022.

Summing Up

When it comes to sports betting, there is something for everyone, avid bettors and beginner sports fans. The major betting companies saw a major benefit from partnerships with top football clubs and that has paid off in successful collaborations over the years. This trend will continue growing, as the interest in sports and betting is only getting bigger. Fans are hungry for the show and the thrill, so it’s an excellent opportunity for gambling companies to consider investments in sports.


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