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Man Utd 2023-24 Full Premier League Fixtures

Manchester United will be aiming to close the gap on arch-rivals Manchester City in 2023-24 after finishing third in the last campaign.

The Red Devils will being their season with a home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers and will end the season at the AMEX stadium against Brighton.

Here’s their full set of fixtures for the season.


14/08/2023 Man Utd v Wolves

19/08/2023 Tottenham v Man Utd

26/08/2023 Man Utd v Nottingham Forest

Graphic featuring our 2023/24 Premier League fixtures against Man City and Liverpool. Man City (H), Sat 28 October. Liverpool (A), Sat 16 December. Man City (A), Sat 2 March. Liverpool (H), Sat 6 April.


02/09/2023   Arsenal v Man Utd

16/09/2023   Man Utd v Brighton

23/09/2023   Burnley v Man Utd

30/09/2023   Man Utd v Crystal Palace



07/10/2023   Man Utd v Brentford

21/10/2023   Sheffield Utd v Man Utd

28/10/2023   Man Utd v Man City


04/11/2023   Fulham v Man Utd

11/11/2023   Man Utd v Luton

25/11/2023   Everton v Man Utd


02/12/2023   Newcastle vs Man Utd

06/12/2023   Man Utd v Chelsea

09/12/2023   Man Utd vs Bournemouth

16/12/2023   Liverpool v Man Utd

23/12/2023   West Ham v Man Utd

26/12/2023   Man Utd v Aston Villa

30/12/2023   Nottingham Forest v Man Utd


13/01/2024   Man Utd v Tottenham

30/01/2024   Wolves v Man Utd


03/02/2024   Man Utd v West Ham

10/02/2024   Aston Villa v Man Utd

17/02/2024   Luton v Man Utd

24/02/2024   Man Utd v Fulham


02/03/2024   Man City v Man Utd

09/03/2024   Man Utd v Everton

16/03/2024   Man Utd v Sheffield Utd

30/03/2024   Brentford v Man Utd


03/04/2024   Chelsea v Man Utd

06/04/2024   Man Utd v Liverpool

13/04/2024   Bournemouth v Man Utd

20/04/2024   Man Utd v Newcastle

27/04/2024   Man Utd v Burnley


04/05/2024   Crystal Palace v Man Utd

11/05/2024   Man Utd v Arsenal

19/05/2024   Brighton v Man Utd


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