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Goal Differential
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Stakegains is using this medium to explain how to predict football matches. This is one the perfect guide you need to consider and to take note before you place your next soccer bet.

I will firstly start with What Is Prediction: The word “Pre” simply means before and the “diction” has to do with talking about a particular thing. So combining the two words together “Predictions” in sports can be best describe as talking about a match before the match starts.

For you to win your football predictions, so many things have to be considered. You need the previous match statistics of the team, the last performance and so many things, but in the advance world that we are right now the internet has helped us a lot in so many angles that’s why we have about.
Stakegains most accurate soccer predictions website will help you in getting the perfect tips, results and guide you on how to win your next soccer bet. You can get the recent score right here LIVE.

                            Before I place any bet, what do I need to know?
You need the best match statistics before you place your next football bet. Nowadays we have more than hundreds of Soccer Predictions website but not all have the most accurate results.
For you to know the best soccer predictions website. You must find out on the website may be a livescore page is available on the page, a free selections must be available every day.

For you to get the best soccer predictions, you need to be secured also. Any soccer predictions website that is not secured you need to stay away from such website. Many organizations are now providing SSL. The main purpose of the SSL is to keep you safe when putting your data on every website, starting from the signup page to the payment page, once you can find a green padlock on the sidebar url of your browser, then such website is secured and your data and card information are secured.

What is football statistics? In football, statistics is very important information in every football matches, such as the number of goals, corners, number of passes and many more. The statistics can also serve as vital information to know the performance of a player and also to know the weakness of a player.
For you to predict any match correctly, you need to consider some factors first.
Goal Difference
Ball Possession
Shots On Goal
Shots On Target

Goal Difference: It is a form of ranking sport teams which finish on equal points especially in a league competition. When calculating the goal difference, the number of goals scored in all league will be minus from the goals conceded.
Some predictions website are not accurate due to the false result when calculating the goal difference.
At stakegains you don’t need to know all the calculations we are always here to do that for you. Without the Goal Difference, it will be difficult to calculate the goal points and might not be easy to understand the performance of the team.

Ball Possession: Firstly, we start by understanding the term possession. It is best describe as the amount of time 2 teams uses during a football game. It is been calculated in percentage. Getting to know the percentage of team A and team B will allow you know and predict how well the two teams played and you will be able to know who you need to place your bet on and when to place your bet. A good example can be Team A 60% and Team B 40%

Shots on Goal: SOG. “A shot on goal is a shot that is on net. The results of a shot on goal must be either a save by the goalkeeper or defending team or a goal by the attacking team. A shot that hits the post or crossbar without being deflected by a goalkeeper or defender and does not cross the goal line is not a shot on goal.

Shots on Target: It’s described as the total number of goals that a player or team would have scored if the defending team had not blocked the way for the opponent. In soccer, the shots on target are been rated by 6 over 3 or 3 over 6. It indicates how well a team played and the chances of winning the next match. It’s the duty of the defending team to block any opponents that may be trying to score a goal either by long shots or by the target. If such a team is having a weak defender or a very poor defending team it might be possible for the opponent to score a goal through shorts on target.

Conclusion: For you to predict a football match successfully. You need to know all this information about most the teams you are trying to place a bet with. But many websites are providing the most accurate soccer predictions for a very long time but few of them can only guarantee you of a sure winning with their soccer predictions.

Stakegains is one of the world best soccer predictions websites that don’t just give you the results, also provides football tips, guide, soccer livescores, the top most free maestro selections. You will be granted so many opportunities to learn more on how to predict your next coming match.

Remember you don’t need to know all this formula in your head. Long shot, shots on target, shots on goal, ball possession and many more. Stakegains will do that for you and you will always have time to work on some other things.

Predicting soccer matches is quite hard and requires some professional advice, but subscribing to the most rated soccer predictions website in the world will not help you win your next bet, but will guide you on how to win most of your football matches.

You don’t just need to win your bets only, you also need to learn how soccer is been played.
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