How To Get Accurate Soccer Predictions

how to get accurate soccer predictions

It’s commonly known that there are ways to get some pretty accurate soccer predictions. It’s so common that there is a crowd of websites all claiming to give accurate soccer predictions.

In this article, we will discuss some things you need to look out for when trying to predict soccer games as this will increase the chances of you winning your bet.

Finally, we will talk about a website with trustworthy soccer predictions.
Alright, let’s go.

how to get accurate soccer predictions

The tips I’m about to mention now are tips used by bookmakers to predict the results or outcome of matches.

  • Location of Shot
  • Shots on Target
  • Shots on Goal
  • Possession
  • Goal Differential

The above points are not all but some of the major statistics you must check for each team. To get a more accurate understanding of each team, you need to pull up the above statistics for both teams.

Normally, some people will advise you to go for 10 previous games, but here, we say that you should go as far as you can because the more data you have the better your predictions.

Another thing to note is the home-ground advantage. Which team is playing in their home?
The team which is playing on their home turf enjoys a lot of benefits especially the boost in morale as the number of fans there, is greater than that of the opposing team.
Some websites even go as far as to say that a team that is playing at home gets a +0.74 goal advantage.

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You think it has finished right? Not so fast, there are a few things remaining to look at.

Goal Differential: This is one of the most important statistics to look at when trying to predict results for a match.
You can look at the goal differential set by the website or you can look at the goals of the previous 10+ games to get a more accurate prediction.

Team Roaster: This is the list of players scheduled to play in that match. You need to check this for the two teams as even a strong team can lose if they use their worst players.

Shot on Goal: According to statistics, even according to life itself, the more you attempt something, the more chances you get to achieve your goal. When it comes to soccer, the more shots on goal a team has, the more possibilities they have in scoring a goal.

This calls for research as well. Go to the statistics of the teams playing and study their shots on goal for the last 10+ games.
If you find a team that has a high possession percentage with high shots on goal, then you might have found a winner.

Location of Shots: Where is the defense of the teams and where can each team score from?
If a particular team has their defense to their penalty area and the opposing team can score from beyond the penalty area then, you know that the team has a higher chance of scoring.
You will need to calculate the possibility of shots from different parts of the field if you want to be more accurate at this.

Now let’s look at the best place to get your soccer predictions. There are many websites out there but not every one of them analyses games according to statistics but instead guesses which are wrong.

For the best soccer predictions, you need to visit The predictions there are well-analyzed and work based on statistics. There are so many testimonies of people who have followed the analysis done by them and you can see them on the website.
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We hope this article helps you, may the odds always be in your favor.


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