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Betting on Sports Using Your Phone

As the digital landscape evolves, the convenience of mobile betting has become a cornerstone for enthusiasts seeking flexibility and efficiency. Recognising this trend, the betking app for iPhone stands out as a premier choice for users aiming to leverage their betting experience with cutting-edge technology. Offering a seamless and intuitive interface, this app caters to the needs of bettors who prefer the agility of mobile platforms. Check out the app for an in-depth review and insights on how to get the most out of this application. This article will further delve into the growing popularity of betting from mobile devices, emphasising the advantages of mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites and providing guidance on navigating the world of betting from your smartphone.

Mobile betting gains popularity every year. Many factors contribute to this, but the main one is the development of the bookmakers’ mobile app market. 

Today, almost all well-known bookmakers have developed smartphone apps that can be downloaded on any device. The competitive environment dictates this practice, as taking a significant market share without a mobile application is challenging.

Another type of mobile betting is the smartphone-adapted version of the site. In this case, the player enters the same bookmaker’s site, pre-optimized for the screen resolution without losing functionality.

In this article, we explain the popularity of betting from a mobile phone, the advantages of mobile applications and mobile versions, and how to bet from a smartphone. 

Popularity of betting on a mobile phone

According to the Bookmaker Market 2023 survey, 53.3% of punters bet on smartphones. This means that more than half of all betting company users surveyed use mobile apps.

When the figure is added to the data on customers betting using a tablet, the total number of users rises to 57.9%.

Based on data for 2019, the number of players betting from a smartphone increased by 12.3%. At that time, this figure was 41% of the total number of respondents surveyed in the study.

There are several reasons for this popularity:

  • The growing popularity of betting.
  • Inexpensive mobile internet tariffs.
  • Legalisation of bookmakers’ activities – customers increasingly trust bookmakers.
  • Availability of betting from mobile devices – players spend more time on their phones than on PCs or laptops.

Many experts agree that the trend to increase the number of bets via smartphone will continue. 

Phone or desktop?

To understand how it is more convenient to bet, we suggest understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of betting.

Pros and cons:

Pros of mobile betting:

  • Speed. It is much faster to open a mobile version or bookmaker’s app on a smartphone than from a PC or laptop.
  • Versatility. You can place a bet anywhere without being tied to a PC.
  • Traffic saving. The mobile version and the application consume much less traffic than the full-fledged version of the bookmaker’s site.
  • Availability of special bonuses. Many bookmakers offer unique bonuses to customers to register in the mobile application.

Minuses of betting from a smartphone:

  • Some features may not be available. For example, not all bookmakers optimise the “News” section in the mobile version or app. The same applies to live broadcasts, although in rare cases.
  • Difficulties in working with statistics. When analysing matches, a player can open up to ten tabs. However, finding the necessary information to highlight statistical facts on a smartphone is complicated.

If we talk about the advantages of betting from a PC or laptop, it is enough to familiarise ourselves with the disadvantages of mobile betting. And vice versa, if we want to know the disadvantages, it is worthwhile to turn to the pros of betting from a smartphone.


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